Call me NATE


It all started when I was a child fabricating tree houses in the woods around my home. When I began university, I framed houses as a carpenters apprentice where I learned the bones of building. Later as a cabinet makers apprentice I worked in the fine crafts world becoming an avid lover of architectural details. When I became a licensed builder in Michigan I started a design/build company that tempered my understanding of the complex dynamic of home construction.      

With my Masters in Architecture and my dream of being an Architect, I am completing my state license examinations.  Today, guided by the aesthetic influences of European and American architecture and the timeless classical forms of historic architecture; I have begun my career in practical residential design with my sights set on designing amazing and beautiful homes. 

Over the past 6 years I've been in the design business, my ideas have resulted in a number of exciting projects and spaces. 

When you acquire my services you will be served with a cutting edge 3D design experience that captures a sight of your dream home.


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