Your House- Is it Worth Renovating?

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IndepthConsult (2).jpg

Your House- Is it Worth Renovating?


The Pre-Design Research and Feasibility Study- Gives you an in depth report of what is feasible and reasonable for your renovation project. The benefit is knowing based upon careful metrics whether renovating this house is worth it. Every person is unique and their circumstances are their own, we respect that individuality and help you make an informed decisions.

Our feasibility study performs a detailed infrastructure survey that analyzes three facets of your home.

  • Energy: we evaluate through a series of surveys the effort you will expend on renovating the home.

  • Lifestyle: we ask a number of hard questions for you to asses the house against your life functions, aspirations, and long-term vision

  • Infrastructure: we review the condition of your house relative to renovation potential, instead of saying anything goes we take your budget and review reasonable expenditures that will bring about your goals.

Purchasing this research and feasibility study will provide you with a comprehensive report that lets you answer the basic question should I renovate this house?


The Pre-Design Research and Feasibility Study: consists of two meetings, either on-site, online, or at a Cafe of your choice. We will use our expertise to discuss and provide with  you the following...
+   A project brief based on your information
+    Site and project analysis
+    Research relevant to your project
+    Costs and fees involved with your project
+   An overview of the process, from initial concepts through
​     to construction on site
+    An overview of total costs to undertake your project 
+    An overview of time required to successfully complete
​      your project
+    A written report with our findings

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