The THREE most common questions I get as a designer:

When considering a renovation, all of my clients as these questions:

Design then Construction1

How long will my renovation take?

When starting a renovation, the current condition of the building, the scope of your renovation and the time of the season will impact your renovation schedule. During an initial consultation we can provide preliminary data on what a comparative renovations timeline has been. I always interface with the contractor of your choice and will involve them very early in the design process so they can hit the ground running with your project.


What will this Renovation Cost me?

This is question can only be answered after a design scope has been established in the schematic design stage of our typical design services. During design development we can establish potential finishes, define key technical details, and outline the projects overall scope, this will give you the information to hire a contractor for a preliminary estimate. Contact us for a more localized assessment of renovation cost.

stretching the budget

How can i get the most for my budget?

The best way to control the budget is to keep your scope under control. A scope is the balance between needs and wants. At the very start of the project we determine if what you are prepared to spend can accomplish your goals. We attempt to tailor your design project to fit your budget, by asking pointed questions about what you think you need vs. what you can spend. Depending on your location because we work closely with contractors, preliminary cost per SF data can be provided based on local variables.

Here are some other less frequent questions.

Who to hire for home renovation? - We are happy to work with any contractor you choose. However we do work with a number of experienced contractors in the SE Michigan area that have guaranteed outcomes.

What is your project completion time? - Depending on the size and scope of your project we can provide an estimated time to completion. We work closely with you to make sure that your project moves forward at the pace you want.

When is the best time to get started on design? - Starting a design project early can help you in the long run. Sometimes when your still saving for your project, but want to get an idea of what your buying, a set of preliminary documents can keep your goals in view.