Here are the steps we take to get your house renovated.

Since 2012, we have enabled numerous home owners to see their vision in a realistic way before they commit to a residential project, whether large or small.

Giving you this confidence has been the

cornerstone of my work.

The power of collaborative 3D design has given all of my clients the ability to see their decisions, react to mine, establish a direction and move forward with a renovation that they have personally influenced.



The first step to establishing a 3D canvas (your house in a digital format), will be a home visit to observe the details, take dimensions, and photograph the interior and exterior. We will also evaluate the structural conditions of the home to see how your project scope will utilize existing structural conditions.


Schematic Design

Takes all the hard data, the existing conditions, your needs and wants and develops a program to develop your designs. Typically we provide a number of design options related to your project that take similar approaches to solving your renovation needs. After this stage we meet to review the design ideas. When we present the ideas, we typically hook up my system to your big screen TV, that way you get the “big picture” right away. The experience is very special because you can see how your old house will be transformed into the home that fits you. The goal in this stage is to get concrete ideas for your future home.


Design Development

This is the refinement stage where the ideas from the schematic stage are integrated into a final model. In many cases we take your feedback and make changes on the spot so you can see how it impacts the design. We find this stage to be very empowering for our clients as they take ownership of the process and we work together to realize your vision. The goal in this stage is to combine ideas into a final project.



Are the end goal of our project, these documents are what contractors, city officials, and suppliers use to facilitate your renovation project. They have lots of details and information to define a pathway for constructing your renovation. The goal of this stage is to finalize the project into a pathway for your renovation.



“My wife and I are currently planning a remodel of our existing home. We had many reservations in hiring an architect to bring our dreams for the project to life. After several weeks and sessions working with Nate, we can say he has exceeded our expectations in every way. As we progress with our design, Nate has demonstrated his knowledge of design, attention to detail, and ability to provide a home design that both captures our aesthetic vision and provides all of the function we need as a busy family. Nate asks the questions we may not know to ask and has a proven ability to apply practical solutions. He is also at the forefront of technology - we were surprised to see in as much detail what our home will look and feel like inside and out. Working with Nate has truly been a collaboration that has been exciting and enjoyable. Nate is someone you can trust with your dreams - he is sure to create a home that is timeless and beautiful.

— J. Burch

“My husband and I worked with Nate to design our home in downtown Plymouth. New to the process, he guided us in all of the right directions to create our dream home. Nate has an impeccable eye for detail and it truly shows in all aspects of our home. The technology he used to create our home made the process seamless and brought our vision to life with high quality 3D images and video. If you are looking for an architect who takes great pride in their work, you’ve come to the right place! We couldn’t be happier! Thank you, Nate!

— K. Switala

“Nate has done a wonderful job helping us work through our plans and ideas for a large home remodel. He is an incredibly patient person! He thinks of ways to fix issues that we didn’t even know could be fixed. His mastery of architectural technology has allowed us to really “see” what we are doing and what is possible. He has the great ability to generate a multitude of ideas and possibilities for a client to choose from. We have really appreciated his kindness and help.

— B. Gerich

“You have helped us to see our vision and have provided a wonderful design experience.

— M. Libbing